What does your girlfriend mean when she says "you do not love me"?

In full swing of the conflict, every lady at least once blamed her partner for lack of feelings. So what is it – female manipulation or desperate cry of the soul? What do women really mean by saying "you do not love me"?

You do not love her

It's hard to believe, but sometimes women really mean what they say. When a girl does not feel attention and care, she tries to find any evidence of her being wrong. However, very few people are really ready to hear confirmation of their words. The absolute majority pronounces this phrase only to receive an immediate refutation.

She does not love you

People tend to blame other people only for what they themselves are guilty of. To feel someone else's dislike is much more difficult than to notice a change in one's feelings. Saying "I do not like you" to a close (or once close) person is very difficult, it is much easier to make similar accusations to him and, if you are lucky, to lose the burden of responsibility for the cooled feelings.

She needs something from you

If such phrases in your conversations are not uncommon, then most likely she manipulates you. To a direct request, whether going to the cinema or buying a new lipstick, there is always a non-zero probability of getting a refusal. A short phrase – and now you are ready to do everything, just to prove your own feelings. When such behavior becomes a habit, you should think about it, but what exactly are you trying to prove her?

She is bored

Everyone has fun as they can. Someone is playing board games, someone is watching serials, and someone is pretending to be a victim. Being at the center of a self-directed drama is a great pleasure. Like children, some girls are capable of attracting attention only by whining.

Anyway, the phrase "you do not love me" itself is an indicator of some faults in your relationship. The cry of the soul or manipulation, sincere anxiety or struggle with boredom – it is not necessary to know what the problem is, in order to understand what it is. Convincing the girl in the opposite or agreeing with her is only your choice, but think about why you should constantly prove your love to a person who does not believe in it?

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