Alex tells about his love story

Thank you, Kate Dating!

With the help of your service, I fell in love with beautiful ukraine woman Natali, who is currently my adorable wife. Our love story has begun since the 15th Jule, 2014.

Originally, we began exchanging with emails, chatting and talking in video chats for three months, until we became true soulmates. The following step was the personal meeting in real life in order to confirm our feelings.

Then, I arrived in Ukraine on November 3, 2014. I spent there nearly one wonderful week of my life. As soon as we met, I felt the butterflies in my stomach.

Suddenly, I realized that we were soul mates destined to share a life together. Having departed on Nov. 11, 2014, we immediately began planning our marriage.

We were going to hold a ceremony as soon as it was possible. After several weeks and months of our online dating, we designated on September 2015.

It was the month for the BIG DAY. On September 24, 2015, we married and became legitimate husband and wife. We performed the ceremony in the fine Asian tradition. Now, we’re wait for the processing to be completed, so Isabel can join me in the USA. I can’t wait to start our joint family life together.

Well, I am the happiest man in the world and I would like to share my incredible feelings with everyone! To all of those, who use Kate Dating site to finding the only love of your life, GO FOR IT! I’m sure that you will gain your love, as well as I did!

Thanks again! 

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