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There are a few of them and we'll tell you about each of them in details, but at first we'd like to tell you that, well, it's not so simple. In relationship, there is no place for schedule. That's now it works — you can't say that you will kiss her after 8 hours, have sex in 2 days, be happy in 1 week and marry her after 65 days.

You probably already know that Ukrainian and Russian women are very popular among the foreigners, especially among the American men. Slavic girls are very beautiful, intelligent, they are good mothers and wives — it's a well-known fact. But why is marriage with a foreigner a common big dream of Ukrainian women? Well, there are a number of reasons. Let's see.

Ukraine welcomes you no matter where you come from. It is not difficult to cross the border if you follow some simple rules. You can find all important information about requirements to get visa and details about the period of stay. Start planning a future trip at least in three weeks before the departure. You have two ways of receiving a visa. The cheapest way is applying for it in a month term before the trip. The most expensive way is to apply for it in three days before visiting the country.

Ukraine is the country with the most amazing women in the world. It is not a secret that a typical Ukrainian girl has the mixture of the passionate and obedient character. It’s an interesting fact that Ukrainian girls are famous for their wonderful sense of style and divine beauty. Except for their attractive appearance, these ladies have a rich inner world.

Diligence and personal commitment are basic qualities for girls in Ukraine. From an early age, they are grown up in strict traditions in order to become holistic. After graduating university, they do not spend free time looking for a male wallet. Ukrainian girls try to get secondary education find a nice job to live for. So, each of them is independent personality. Not every woman can boast about such a rare quality. Family for these women is an important priority.