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        he recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been much spoken about. Do you know what the most beautiful thing about this fairy tale that was watched by 2 billion people on different channels all over the world is? The fact that two persons who are not the happiest, not the most beautiful, and not the most fortunate people have miraculously found each other.

Franco and Milena, Milan.

Initially, I hesitated about signing in an internet dating service. However, I got pleasant experience with such services. It happened after my divorce.

I couldn’t cope with my painful past and decided to distract slightly. After all, three different people encouraged me to try it. One of them strongly recommended me the Ukraine Dating online website. I did it and I was impressed. I managed to chat with several fascinating ladies and even to became friends.

Thank you, Kate Dating!

With the help of your service, I fell in love with beautiful ukraine woman Natali, who is currently my adorable wife. Our love story has begun since the 15th Jule, 2014.

Originally, we began exchanging with emails, chatting and talking in video chats for three months, until we became true soulmates. The following step was the personal meeting in real life in order to confirm our feelings.

In summer 2015, I met a very special beautiful ukrainian girl - Lesya. We found each other on the Kate Dating. At once, I found herself to be sweet and feminine. She stood out from the rest of other European girls with her rare traits.

We have been in relations for a year now. She owes a luminous smile and deep glance. Her eyes kidnapped my heart from the very moment I saw her in real life at the airport.

I have been the constant user of KateDating for 2 years. After visiting Europe for several times, I communicated with the great amount of interesting and wonderful women, who are clients or translators at Kate Dating.

So, I made up some conclusions, after talking to them and claim Kate Dating to be well-organized service with the team of professionals.