Journey Test: The Best Way to Test Your Relations

When your relationship hangs and you do not know if you need either to break up or lead your second half to the altar, a lot of phycologists suggest going on a trip with you partner. Personally I think a joint trip to another country or city is a great way to understand how strong your relationship is.

They say that true friendship, like love, is tested by some trouble. The word "trouble" in this context can be completely replaced by the word "journey". It is the critical situation that helps to disclose a person’s character and some features that are simply concealed in everyday life. You live in an unusual environment away from home, you need to make important and quick decisions (for instance, you are lost, poisoned by local exotic food or, God forbid, left without money). And it must be done together.

When you travel everything happens more rapidly, and it is spontaneous decisions that tell you what your partner really is, whether you can rely on him/her. Therefore, it is important not try to appear as a hero who is ready to overcome all difficulties without problems just in order not to spoil the holiday. Give vent to your real feelings and find out whether your relationship will pass such a test for mutual assistance in a near-extremal situation.

It often happens that people do not live together before the wedding, but everyday life is destructive. On the trip, you will have to share one bathroom, eat together and generally see each other not in the most charming foreshortenings: tired after the flight, sleepy, with a hangover, irritated. You can also learn each other’s habits, that is very useful for further cohabitation.

With the help of the trip, you will learn how to plan your budget, get general acquaintances, learn more about each other’s preferences. Well, and of course make a lot of photos.

Please note that this is not about traveling of the all-inclusive sea-sun-beach series. During such a trip, you, of course, will feel great together (the maximum that can happen – you will argue what wine to choose for dinner), but as a result you will not learn anything about the partner. After all, everyone behaves like angels in paradise.

Anyway, you should not treat a joint trip solely as a complex responsible test. According to the research of the American Travel Association, couples who travel together to different countries are happier and more likely to have sex.

         Finally I want to say that not only love relationships are well checked by travels. This also applies to a strong, real, long-term friendship.

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