Review of KateDating by Frank from UK

In summer 2015, I met a very special beautiful ukrainian girl - Lesya. We found each other on the Kate Dating. At once, I found herself to be sweet and feminine. She stood out from the rest of other European girls with her rare traits.

We have been in relations for a year now. She owes a luminous smile and deep glance. Her eyes kidnapped my heart from the very moment I saw her in real life at the airport.

As to me, we are splendid couple. We match each other in every thought and action. We don't fight at the slightest pretext and everything goes smoothly. In a few words, our connection is something inexplicable that I cannot still understand why we are meant for each other.

However, we are happy together.

Before we met in real life, we had been chatting for a few moth. Every conversation differed from each other by the diversity of topics. We discovered a lot of same hobbies and views. Sometimes, we were chattering for many hours without any break.

Finally, we were on tiptoes with eagerness to see each other. Our great desire overcame hundreds of miles and we saw each other! I must admit that her profile was attractive and nice, so I noticed her at once.

I have nothing to complain about.

Therefore, thank you Kate Dating for this adorable meeting!

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