Review of Ukrainian dating agency by Tod from Chicago

I have been the constant user of KateDating for 2 years. After visiting Europe for several times, I communicated with the great amount of interesting and wonderful women, who are clients or translators at Kate Dating.

So, I made up some conclusions, after talking to them and claim Kate Dating to be well-organized service with the team of professionals.

This service is the perfect way to meet someone you would like to be in touch with. If you are timid like me, this is one of the best options to expand your social circle. Well, my history is quite interesting and unforeseen to me.

I didn’t anticipate that I can find someone really unusual. At some moment, I stopped believing in real love from the first sight, since my past relations. It is not a cliché, but we connected instantly. We both were looking for each other, in fact.

I found myself telling Julia things I'd never told anyone before. She is both my best friend and tender girlfriend.

It was incredible how easily we opened up to each other our inner world. We just didn’t realize it…I found Ukraine women to be much more tenderness and attentive, than most American women. They are also able to act as a true lady. I appreciate them to be passion about family and home.

I feel so proud of our relationship with Julia. She is attractive, wisdom, curious, kind, generous, and completely swept me off my feet. 

Kate Dating is a great service, which has a qualitative approach to unite people into couples. I have realized this fact through my own story.


Chicago, Illinois, USA

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