There are no Titles when it Comes to Love

        he recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been much spoken about. Do you know what the most beautiful thing about this fairy tale that was watched by 2 billion people on different channels all over the world is? The fact that two persons who are not the happiest, not the most beautiful, and not the most fortunate people have miraculously found each other.

        Prince Harry’s mother was already dead at 36, and he was only 12. And the boy from the royal family was not allowed to cry, as his parents were not allowed to love those who were not approved by the unshakable monarchical rules.

        Meghan was abandoned by her father when she was 2. Her mother, a simple African-American descendant of slaves, worked as a low-paid yoga trainer and stooped to beg her ex for helping their daughter to get on her feet.

      Since their childhood both Harry and Meghan knew what loneliness and misunderstanding are. The more they plunged into it, the more it grew around each of them, and then there was nothing left to do but to kick over the traces: casual friends and girlfriends, booze, empty chatter, illusory fun in nightclubs... Loneliness was what they got as a result, the feeling that does not choose if you are successful, beautiful, belonging to royal blood or an underworld bum. And you can change this vicious circle only when you first change yourself.

      In order to do that this red-haired fellow of royal blood went to fight in Afghanistan. Really. Commanding the tank company. Then he became a pilot of a military helicopter. He saw a lot of suffering and losses of other people. When Prince Harry came back from the war, he decided to help those who are in need. It was he who founded Invictus, the very Games of the Unconquered for the military disabled people.

Meghan, being disillusioned in love, also decided to change herself, started to help those who feel worse, and found herself in volunteering.

       This was the Invictis competition in Canada where Harry met Meghan and during the next volunteer trip to Africa their stars met happily. Queen Elizabeth invited thousands of volunteers from different industries to this beautiful wedding of her younger grandson.  And maybe another Cinderella will find her beautiful prince there! Being the prince does mean having the Crown. Prince is the one who loves and is loved. And this was probably the reason why Princes Harry unexpectedly and for the first time in his kingdom cried during the wedding.

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