Voice Video Conferencing


If your girl has problems with English or another language,and sending messages takes a lot of time, video conference where you will immediately hear and understand each other with the help of translator is the best variant for you.


Video conference will help you to know each other and understand the future of your relationship. Translator helps avoid misunderstandings and save time. You can order 30  or 60 - minute long conference via Skype You will get login and password to access the newly created conference. The cost includes only payment to a translator (any language). If it is inconvenient for you to use Skype, we can organize a video conference on other services, for instance, on Facebook.


You can order the service from your account or from the girl’s profile through “My credits” menu. You choose the date (at least 2 days in advance) and the estimated time. We will arrange this time with your girl. You will be notified by e-mail about all the details of your order within 24- hours.