Video conference with hot girls

If you are dreaming about meeting your amazing lady in real life, you should certainly try our Video Conference service. Sometimes, simple pictures and letters are not enough to enjoy your communication in full. Be brave and make the first step forward in your relationship. It will be much easier to express your hidden emotions thanks to the Video Conference. Besides, if your lady has some difficulties with the English language, this way of communication serves as a bridge that easily removes all possible barriers. With the help of our professional translators, both partners can immediately hear and understand each other. By the way, it is a nice way to diversify everyday talks. As well, translators will not only save your time, but also help both partners to avoid any misunderstanding.This service can be used trough the Skype, so you need to have a web cam and microphone setups. After this step, you should find the button “Make webcam call”, which is depicted in the picture below.

Clicking on it, you will be offered to choose the duration of the Video Conference. Time is entirely depends on your desire to talk with the lady. Anyway, we offer to pick the most appropriate time likewise 30 minutes of the first online dating. During this time, you will be able to get to know some interesting facts about the girl and see her real beauty. Of course, the scope of the possible choice is wide- from 20 to 45 minutes. After you determine the duration, point out a preferable time for your Video Conference. Do not forget to take into account the time difference between your lady and you. We advise you to agree upon such an important moment with the Kate Dating Support Team in advance, so that to pick the most convenient variant for you both. It should be donein a couple of days prior the planned Conference call. The date of the Conference is commonly defined by the Kiev time. Take a note that the Video Conference Service is able only for one lady. See all the typing boxes for this information on the picture below.

Eventually, you will be notified through the e-mail with all details of the order within 24 hours. Every client gets the login and password for the access to the newly created conference. The cost includes a payment of the translator and Skype connection costs. Kate Dating website guarantees every membera 100% refund on the balance, in case of technical or other kind of the problem for our part. We are ready to bring together loving hearts despite thousands of kilometers.

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