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I am a person who likes beauty and my hobby proves that! I like sewing women lingerie! I work with handmade laces and different ribbons, every time I create new fashions and models. I think this hobby suits a lady, besides it is very relaxing and it helps me to spend a good time, relax and create nice designs! My girl-friends ask me to sew lingerie sets for them and I am glad I can create beauty for my close people. I can sew panties and bras and they are little masterpieces every time. I have several sets sewed for myself, but my friends keep on joking and saying that no boyfriend can see and appreciate nice handmade lingerie on my body. Well, I hope that one day this will be changed and my sweetheart will encourage me to create more lingerie to enjoy watching in our bedroom! Are you a connoisseur of women lingerie? ; ) I think my hobby may seem interesting for you ; )


When my previous relationships came to an end, I was so disillusioned that I thought that I would never have a desire to find my destiny. Luckily, this depressive thought disappeared thanks to the idea one of my friends shared with me. This lady registered on the foreign dating site and suggested me this idea. She was unhappy in relationships with Ukrainian men, but on the site, she met a man from the US and they fell in love! Once when we were drinking coffee on our lunch break I couldn’t but ask her about the reason for her shiny eyes and happy smile on her face. She told me her love story and added that she was going to the US, her boyfriend invited her there. This was so inspiring to me! I understood that life is a corridor and it is up to us which door to open! So I decided to register on the dating site because I believe that it is we who create our own destiny.


My parents have always been an example of a good family for me. They brought me up putting all their heart and soul in me and showed me that the most important things your parents should teach you are love and kindness. I have never seen my parents arguing. Of course, there were some misunderstandings between them, but they managed to solve them peacefully and don’t harm my childish state of mind. They gave me a happy childhood, they developed my talents and always respected my point of view no matter how old I was. Being a good parent is not easy and I am afraid of failures too, but my mother keeps on telling me that if there is love there in your heart and your child is loved, you should just listen to your heart, it will tell you the right way! I love my parents a lot and I dream that one day I will become a wife and a mother and I will be at least as half good as my mother.


I have never understood women who behave like men and want to be leaders in their relationships. As for me, I see a union between a man and a woman in a rather conservative way. A man is a head of the family, he is a breadwinner and a leader. A woman is concerned with a household, taking care of home, children and family. But at the same time spouses should act like partners, they should realize that they are a team who has the same aim and is moving in the same direction. Only in this case, such union is not doomed to a failure. I dream of finding a real gentleman, a knight in all good senses of this word. I want him to be caring and loving, kind and understanding. I want to be sure that I can count on him in any life situation and he won’t let me and my trust down. In my turn, I will be faithful and caring, I will do my best to make my sweetheart smile every day and feel that he is really happy. Happiness is the sense of our life and we are to make our beloved people happy!


When I was a child I had a lot of dreams on whom I want to become in my future. I didn’t want to be a doctor because I didn’t like the view of blood. I would never have enough courage to hurt someone even if it is done for the best. I didn’t want to be a politician or a lawyer as I thought that it was so boring to learn a lot of laws and rules. I wanted to become a teacher and teach children at school. I was interested in being a teacher in the primary school, but when I became a teenager, I realized that this is a super hard job! There are a lot of children in your class and you should be able to discipline them and teach them something. Yet, I love children a lot and I like spending time with them. Children have some special energy, I feel so good communicating with them because they are the energy itself and the source of inspiration. I dream of having my own children one day with a man who will become my beloved.


If I had a chance to choose an epoch for living, I would choose the epoch of knights. Of course, they lived in Middle Ages and this was rather dark and cruel time, but at the same time there was a code of honor and people treated their actions seriously. I would be happy to be a noble lady who lived in a castle and my knight would be in love with me, respected me as a lady of his heart and defended me in every possible way. Times, when women were highly honored, were probably the best ones. It is sad that the system of values changed in modern times. I don’t want to judge all men, but the majority of them living in Ukraine now are far from being the real knights and gentlemen. But there is a hope in my heart that I will find my one and only who will conquer my heart.


Do you like rainy weather? I do! I like it especially in summer time when it is pretty warm and you can go out and take your umbrella with you. Rain drops are falling on the ground, I am walking and thinking. I think of my loneliness, of the very moment when I come back home from work and an empty flat meet me. There is no one who can tell me “Hello, honey. I missed you so much” and there is no one who can hear in reply from me “My darling, I missed you too, I love you!”. These words are so simple, but it is exactly them that make our life meaningful. I am walking alone the park alley, alone with my umbrella in my hand and see  a couple, a man is kissing his sweetheart under the rain. How romantic it is! I wish I could bring love to my life and fill it with many romantic moments. I am an affectionate person, I like kissing and hugging my sweetheart. Hugs can be so intimate and they may be even much more intimate than loving make, however, I don’t deny that it is a great thing happening between people who are in love. It is not raining anymore, my umbrella is closed and I am walking with a smile on my face and a hope in my heart. I will meet my love!


You may smile but when I was a little kid I associated myself with a cranberry. My mother liked this berry a lot and she cooked cranberry tea for me. I like this red berry too and when I grew older I even had such a nickname among my friends. Now I am an adult lady but my old friends keep on calling me Cranberry )) I don’t object, it is pretty lovely! Besides, memories of childhood are so warm and pleasant. I was a happy child and I am thankful to my parents for giving me a happy childhood. I remember me and my mother drinking tea in the kitchen in winter. It was snowing and we came back home after playing snowballs and making a snowman. It was frosty but we didn’t feel that frost, and of course warm tea with honey gave us a portion of warmth as well. For my mother, I am still a little girl, yet I am a lady whose heart is open for love and true feelings.

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