Why do Ukrainian and Russian women want to marry Americans?

You probably already know that Ukrainian and Russian women are very popular among the foreigners, especially among the American men. Slavic girls are very beautiful, intelligent, they are good mothers and wives — it's a well-known fact. But why is marriage with a foreigner a common big dream of Ukrainian women? Well, there are a number of reasons. Let's see.

The first one is related to the recent history of Ukraine and Russia (and of every post-USSR country, let's be honest). In the 1990s, when the Iron Curtain crumbled, the Western world was something like a dream, a magic world where only lovely people live. Not that long ago, it was the biggest dream of Ukrainian women to find a boyfriend or a husband from the United States. Now it's not such a wild dream anymore, but there is still an air of mystery about the Western countries (and the United States especially). Ukrainian woman want to marry Americans because they think there are other people there. And this is true, of course.

The second reason is simple — American men are very often handsome and good-looking. Even in their 40s and 50s, the great majority of them are very fit, go in for sport and don't have bad habits. Unlike Ukrainian and Russian men who (unfortunately!) often drink, smoke and don't look good at this age, Americans (even if they aren't very young) are the husbands Ukrainian girls desire. Americans are not only handsome, they are also successful. As a rule, an American who is looking for a Ukrainian bride is successful and secured financially, which means he will not count every penny. It's cool when a man knows the value of money, but who would like when a man skimps on the first date? Ukrainian women don't need too much money, they can pay for themselves — but is it really needed at the first date?

Another reason why our girls and women are interested in Americans is that Americans are very active. Unlike Ukrainian men who love to see the TV with beer most in this world, American men usually conduct an active way of life — they travel a lot (and is there any girl who doesn't like travelling?), do sports and don't avoid cultural activities. All this means that a Ukrainian woman won't get bored with her American husband. Moreover, if a man is looking for a wife from another country (especially from another part of the world), it means that he is ready for the new page of his life. And that's cool!

Americans are also gentlemen. They are well-mannered and have good education — the absolute opposite to their Ukrainian and Russian counterparts (of course, there are good men here, but they are few). American husband will definitely be gentle and caring, and what is the most important thing — they respect women. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the majority of Russian and Ukrainian men.

You probably know that Ukrainian and Russian women are sure that their husbands, family and children are of the highest priority. That can be called a reason, too — even if a woman doesn't have children yet, she of course wants to give her future children the best possible conditions. And, let's be honest — the United States are one of the richest and most comfortable countries in the world, in contrast to the post-USSR countries. Of course, she will love you very much, but she's also interested in your kids being happy. We are sure that you are interested in it, too! There are actually some differences of American men from their Ukrainian and Russian counterparts. We've just told about some of them, but what you should also know, is that:

Unfortunately, both Ukrainian and Russian husbands often cheat their wives. We don't know why, but it's a very common problem and the number-one cause of divorce here. Western men don't usually have such problem. They are loyal husbands and that's why Ukrainian women adore them!

Men in post-USSR countries often abuse alcohol. That's a very common problem in the Eastern Europe, and Americans don't drink so much.

Russian men beat their wives! It's unacceptable and it's difficult to imagine, but the domestic violence is very common here, too. That's the last reason why lots of Ukraini1an and Russian women want to find an American husband — because they respect women.

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